yeah, it's me, I'm back, but I'm not staying

Here I am again, in a familiar place.

I've been so restless for the last few weeks. I've been working too much, been doing too many things which are not my first things. Whenever I stray at all from my vocation too many things begin to feel disordered.

Many years ago I learned to recognize discontent for what it really is and to get to the heart of it. I don't blame anyone for it, least of all the man who loves me more than anything. I know that the discontent is God's way of trying to encourage to correct our course.

I worked this morning and after a morning that was sliding sideways fast, I regrouped, and refocused and put my shoulder to the plow of my real work. My husband, my home, my children, my faith, family and love. In a few hours I felt the fog lift and the world returned to a sharper focus.

Do you suppose drifting is necessary to appreciate more fully the distinction between the lifestyles? I really wish I could avoid it, I really do. Because I hate it. I hate feeling stressed and in the wrong place, even if it is just a couple weeks.

I cannot imagine a life lived in the wrong place. What a tragedy.

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