Unleash the mob (again)

When I first saw this story of the Litigating Auntie I thought immediately here they go again. The media spins facts and ignores the truth. Facts and the truth are not the same thing. Having worked as an agent with State Farm I knew the deal and that the headline was clickbait. 

This aunt, as you probably know was injured when her beloved nephew jumped on her at his birthday party and broke her wrist. She was injured - there were bills, lots of them for surgeries etc.

Most likely the parents turned it in on their homeowners insurance. The insurer may have paid some of the bills, or maybe not, but ultimately they offered $1 to compensate her.

When the company wouldn't pay she had two choices - sue the company or pay $150,000 in bills. You can't sue someone else's insurance company that's not how it works. You have to sure the person and the company has to defend them or pay. Since the father and (now deceased) mother didn't cause the injury and state law says they can't be held liable for the negligent actions of a minor child she had to sue him personally, and he was defended, as an insured resident of the home.

This happens a lot in fact. Often people want and expect their insurance to pay for injuries to friends or family on their property but the company refuses and they have to sue. Oftentimes the insured is very helpful in the case. It happens in vehicle accidents too when a passenger is injured.
The issue isn't the case for me. My problem is how this case got spun and this is why we MUST STOP this mob rule/ mob justice thing people do now on social media. They get a whiff of something and go to war, most of the time having only read the baiting headline!

I'm glad the full story has come out, but most people again will not bother to read the details, they'll just shrug it off as the family trying to protect her.
$150,000 in medical bills is no joke. That can ruin you. Hope this woman can move forward now.


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