We finally made it to the happiest place on earth...oh and we went to Disney

We made it.

For 17 years of marriage and homeschooling we thought about, honestly dreamed about a Disney vacation. We're fans. We love this stuff more than I can describe to you. But as parents you make the hard decisions and our priorities were always very clear. I would be a stay at home mom, a housewife, a homemaker, a homeschooler, and though I worked from home almost the entire time in one way or another my husband was the sole provider. This meant choices about how we used our resources.

Frugal living is not without it's sacrifices. Oh how I would cringe when people would say, "you're lucky to stay home, or not have to work" etc. 

We were military, if you haven't heard that is not a get rich quick scheme. 

We never owned a boat, we never went on vacations (we went on trips definitely but the kind where mom makes sandwiches and brings the crock pot for suppers- serious frugal living, intentional and with great purpose) and much of the time we made having one car work, or two cars for three drivers. (Even typing this I am fighting the stabbing of guilt that pierces my reality as I ponder the concept of having ONLY two cars is a sacrifice in America. wow.)

There were more sacrifices than I could even describe to you but they were sacrifices we would gladly make a thousand times to raise our children the way we saw fit, and to knit our family together.

Last year we saw both the kids graduate their respective college programs and we settled in to a new normal. weird. new and kind of wonderful.

Steve and I celebrated our anniversary, our 17th (albeit a couple weeks later) in the park. But we were celebrating so much more. We celebrated having stayed true to our goals, even when plenty of family disagreed, or didn't understand our choices. We stayed the course when it was hard, like really hard. We held on to the true North that is God's plan for our family when the waters were choppy. We knew keeping me at home and homeschooling was right for us, and for our family and we did. We did and we are pretty happy with the results.

William will begin his high school homeschool program this fall. We are in the homestretch. Corey is getting married to a great girl this summer, our family is growing! Lindsey is growing into a successful, hardworking young woman of character (and also as a character;) and Steve and I are more in love and more committed to one another and our family than we ever imagined. 

This trip was a celebration of so much for us. 

It was really awesome to pay cash for it, to not put a dime on a credit card, come home with zero debt on the entire vacation and have wonderful memories to get us to next year where my husband has determined we shall spend all our anniversaries from now on :) He's a fan, you guys. I should have known in high school when he had that goofy shirt on... no literally it was a shirt covered in Goofy faces.  

While in the park we made an offer on a new home. It's as close to the feeling we had moving to Biloxi as we've ever known since Katrina. The house feels like our home already. It's us. Standing in Tomorrowland I received the call that the offer was accepted and our new home was officially under contract. wow... no double wow. 

We finally made it to the happiest place on earth... oh and we went to Disney

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