The Familial Artery

What if you had supper together every night? I know it's not the norm for a lot of folks. It is my favorite thing.

We have allowed busyness to rob of us of the things that matter? Those people who live in our home, the one we married, the children we brought into the world. Ask anyone what their priorities are and we say the same things. But, if we look at the ledger of our time would it reflect our priorities or reveal them?

Breaking bread is at the center of all Christendom.

We contemplate social issues, the brokenness of the family, the disconnect between kids and their folks. We wonder how do we restore the culture?

I suggest we had an excellent means of keeping it together and we let it fall away. Meals. Meals work miracles. Miracles.

Marriages do not just fall apart, they drift. Children do not magically morph into strangers at 14. There is a progression, a slow deterioration, a slow fade. Meals are an anchor. Food lovingly prepared, meals cooperatively prepared, cleaning and clearing as a family, sharing the labor builds bonds. These are anchors that will hold us all together when the waters rage. Shared family meal time must be sacred. No activity is more important.

Children and men, have a route, a powerful direct link to their hearts through their stomachs. It's called the Familial Artery. Okay well I call it the Familial Artery. It is not found in x-rays, or MRI's, but it's evident in close families. Whereas hungry people are grumpy, short-tempered and easily irritated, well nourished people are more forgiving, more relaxed and happier. Protecting and utilizing the Familial Artery is critical. As mothers we can knit our family together by connecting their hearts via the Familial Artery around a pleasant meal. It's powerful, direct and it will keep the heart open and loving for a lifetime if you feed it well.

Conversations happen over good meals.
Celebrations happen over good meals. Dates, holidays, memories, joys, sadness all happen around meals. Use the meal to stay connected. Feed them well, nourish their bodies and you nourish their souls. Teach them gratitude and service in this meal. Teach them to communicate across the table.

If shared meals are not the norm, you might have some work ahead of you. Take heart though, habits are formed and so new habits can replace old habits. Start with the ground rules, no television on anywhere and no phones at the table. Play some music, dinner music is brilliant.

Don't get angry if they resist, or don't respond, especially if they are older. Sometimes the Familial Artery is blocked. It takes a steady consistent diet of family meals to clear it. Stay the course.

Change it up and keep them engaged.

Try using a game, building traditions into the time

"What if?" 
There are several card games sold in retail stores like this. What if you had to choose between no electricity or no plumbing? What if you had to choose between running super fast or flying? What if you had a band, what would you call it?

Highs and Lows 
Take turns sharing the highs and lows of your day. 
Doesn't have to be just one thing, but it can be. 

Eye Spied Good Today 
Share something good, or nice you witnessed. After a couple days, you all begin to look for good things to have something to share. Suddenly there just seems to be a lot more good in the world.


Whoppers are fun exaggerated stories of what happened to us for the day. Each person trying to top the other persons unbelievable whopper.

Best Thing About... 

Every person takes turns saying best things, sweet, funny, kind. It's a great way to start weeding out sarcasm. To warm up you can start with simple things like - cars or refrigerators. It helps us all see how thankful we are about things we mostly just take for granted. Then begin to add in people, in your family, and in your life. 

Start with supper but I challenge you, do not stop there. Breakfast together is great blessing to everyone and lunches whenever possible are luxurious treats of time and attention between a husband and wife or a parent and a child.

Change their hearts and change your family through the Familial Artery.

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