A Favorite Meal is Called Back Up

I recently went through some of my favorite cookbooks to freshen up and tune up the menu for fall. Tonight I made a favorite dish from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's Cookbook and I gave it a twist. It's called Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich.

My man isn't the Marlboro Man, but he is certainly a fan of this sandwich.

Basically it's sliced cube steak and onions served on a grilled, buttered hoagie.

The seasoning on this with the caramelized onions is just to die for! It's not complicated, the best things aren't. Lawry's Seasoning Salt, Worcestershire Sauce and a splash of Tabasco.

We like it just as it for lunch. But when I make this for dinner I like to "kick it up a notch". Forgive me for mixing my celebrity Chefs!

So I add some peppers and a bit of mozzarella to it. Sometimes, I make it with a BBQ sauce instead of the original seasonings and add a little pineapple and soy. It's versatile :)

But tonight I caramelized the onions, then added the peppers.
It doesn't take a lot to feed 4 people. After prepping them I removed them and set them aside. 

This is a one skillet dish - yay. For the serving of four I used one yellow pepper and one red pepper and about 1/3 a large sweet onion. I can't believe I waited until my mid-thirties to discover the glorious sweetness of peppers. 

It's tough being a late bloomer!

The next step is to add the sliced cube steaks and grill it up.

Before I talk about the cube steak, can I tell you how happy I am about my cast iron skillets? 

I found 3 cast iron skillets at the goodwill! I had been longing for some (again a late bloomer - I am well aware that everyone else knows the beauty of them and has since Moses was a whippersnapper, but I've just come to this in the last 6 months!)

Chronically thrifty and believing that God provides for us what we need, if we work on His timing and not ours I have waited for 6 months. I have scoured garage sales, thrift shops and the facebook selling boards. Then one day... they were there, stacked and $3 a piece!

Now, the cube steak. I always thought this was a cheap, worthless cut and had no use for it. HA! 

It is a cheaper cut but there are wonderful uses for it, as my happy tummy can attest. The package I purchased for tonights dinner was about $7. 

When the steak was cooked I added in the peppers and onions and let it simmer a few minutes while I toasted the hoagie buns.

A pat of butter and a hot griddle toasted up my hoagies to give it a little crunch. I'm learning these little steps aren't critical and they can certainly be cuttable corners but going the simple, extra steps actually makes a difference and my husband and I notice in the taste. So not sure how cuttable they are for me anymore.

Steak fries and a chef's salad (not pictured) rounded out the meal tonight. 

My son picks out the peppers, like his mom, I suppose his palette will be a late bloomer too.

The flavor is undeniably amazing. I'm learning as I expand my food horizons, seasoning and fresh ingredients are preferred over heavy sauces and dressings. 

I'm finding myself buying meat the day of, or the day before so it's fresh and not frozen. It's not such a big deal to have the hubs swing by and pick up the fresh bread, veggies and meat every couple days. I think it matters to the taste of the final product. 

Best part of this meal, is the cost. Even though it's one of the moderately priced meals in my plan, it's still a fabulous bargain.

Cube steak $7
Hoagie Buns $2
Peppers $1.20
Onion $1
Potatoes for the Fries $1.00

Total meal cost $12.20 /4 or $3.05 per serving. My goal is to keep the serving cost always under $4 for moderately priced meals, and then have a good balance during the week of meals for as little as $1.50 in the lower price range. I limit higher priced meals to once a week.

Think of this way, if you keep your dinner meal costs to $10 on average, you are looking at just $300.00 a month for dinners, to feed a family of four. With younger children eating smaller portions and adding in the lower cost meals a couple nights a week, you can easily save a significant amount of money each month on your grocery bill and get the cost well below $300. If you bake the bread, and have veggies from your garden - man, serious bank would be saved! 

I'm turning in for the night y'all, sleep tight!

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