This is an actual 4D photograph of an 11 week old baby in utero. I saw this posted this morning on Abby Johnson's facebook page. Abby is a former abortion industry worker/manager who left the industry, changed sides, converted and is now a powerful agent of change in the cause for life. Her book is excellent and tragic all at the same time, if you haven't read it, you should.

This photo stirs in me such emotions.

Loss. The babies I have lost, were never older than this child. Seeing this reminds me again, how very real the losses were. They tug at an ache in my abdomen that will never leave me.

Love. The babies I have joyfully carried into the world bless me everyday. I see this and recall all the moments of my pregnancies, where I rejoiced and adored the growing person within me.

Anger. In this country, our priorities are so disordered. More people care about trees than human life. The environment? Really? I refuse to care one whit about the environment until we stop the infanticide of our children. If we are saving the planet so that we can kill babies, disabled, elderly... well I don't think it should be saved.

Hope. I know there will always be those who do not value human life, it's a product of sin. But technology like this makes it harder for the liars who profit from the slaughter to earn. Abortion is only about money. These undeniable truths in living color, refute all the tales they spin. There is always hope in truth.

I know a lot of folks don't like to be controversial on their facebook walls. We like to keep it neutral, not offend anyone. I have to challenge you on this.

Who are you? The world is in dangerous times on every front. We can't sit on fences and hope we just  slip by unnoticed. Uncounted. We have to stand up and be counted. We will be counted, like it or not.

How will we respond to our Creator when He calls us to account for how we lived our life? What did we stand for? On which side were we counted? Did we stand for anything at all?

I can think of no worse use of my life, than to have lived it and have stood for nothing of value, nothing of truth, nothing of purpose, nothing of God.

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