Trick or Treat?

So we "do" Halloween. We thoroughly enjoy it. For your frightful enjoyment...

Me, as Heath Ledger's Joker (Dark Knight Returns - Good movie!).

Steve, my favorite minion.

Taylor as a ghost, or just making fun of "emo" teens.

Corey, as skeleton (in boots!)

and last but not least, the only kid in the family by virute of his age, William as Ben Grimm, THE THING! (from Fantastic Four - comics, movies - watch 'em).

Say what you will but this family makes Halloween a theatrical event. A traveling event we take to the streets to collect candy, but still. We love getting into character. Playing off one another, scarying kids out looking for a little fright night, and then easing the fears of tinkerbells and princesses as we take off the masks and show them we are just being silly. The house was decked with fog machine, strob lights, sounds, and screams and the candy passed out by ol'e bonesy.

We wanted to stop at any house with an Obama sign and simply take ALL their candy. Tell them we saw some kids who needed it more and we were just gonna redistribute the wealth. Not to worry, it's better when we spread it around, right?

William was mistakenly called the Hulk one too many times.

Great times, I can't wait to write about All Saint's Day. Actually the sun comes up sooooon. It's 3:30 - too many meds now.

Yep, time to stop...

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