Theme Days at Home

Themed Days are SO much fun at home.
~Chocolate Milk Day
(pre-made gallon chocolate milk is not a regular purchase for us, so when I buy it and let them drink their fill it's an occasion!)
~Crazy Hats and Socks
~Suessical Day
~Capes & heroes (we own many capes)
~Speak in British Accent all Day (this should be everyday)
~Rhymalicious (speak in rhyme)
~Sing Song (sing questions)
~ Shark Bait (pillows, cushions on the floor and if you touch the floor you are Shark Bait)
~Talent Show! (a talent show is performed after dinner)
~Thankful Thursdays (practicing super thankfulness for everything)
~Dainty Manners (having all the meals be on pretty dishes, with special glasses and our best manners
~Disney Day (music from your favorites)
~PJ's only (if that's not your hs uniform!)
~Tickle Breaks (mom randomly stops and administers a Tickle Break)
~Random Acts of Kindness (we have gone to Aldi's and helped unload groceries and walked carts back for folks with Mgr Permission, we have handed out water bottles on the bike trail on super hot days, we love to leave candy canes with notes on car doors at Christmas, we make cookies and take them to the police, fire and ER fairly regularly, and we make a point to visit with the elderly in our neighborhood as a few examples)
~$10 Day how can we serve others best with just $10 today? (Making meal for a family in crisis? Getting the best bang for our bucks and delivering food to the food pantry? Getting coloring books, crayons and lollipops and spending an afternoon at the nursing home?
~Mixed up Mondays - pasta for breakfast, breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch
~Special days to kick off events, like scouts, soccer, a favorite movie premiering on dvd, etc
Moreover, I believe life is to be lived out loud and to it's fullest. These are just a few ways we've enjoyed our "at home" life over the years.
What kind of fun themed days do you do?

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