Ever have days when...

Ever have days when...

You wake up and your stomach just feels bad?

You feel cranky for no particular reason?

You had a bad dream and it seems to put your whole morning off?

You have a headache?

You wish you could just call out, and go back to bed?

The people you love the most only see your mistakes?

You just don't feel hungry?

You worry you aren't smart enough?

The people you love are fighting and disrespecting each other?

It's all just too much?

You wish you had your own place?

You feel so unappreciated, no one sees how hard you try?

Yes? You feel all these things from time to time.

So do your children.

Moms, read that list for me one more time. Children are little people and they have all the same challenges you face. You deserve some slack right? As do they.

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