Trust your mom?

This past week, William asked a question about some Geometry he was working on. It was the first page in a 4-5 page lesson. I sat with him and began to explain all the kinds of elements, line segments, rays, angles, and such. It was way more information than his question involved. He turned the page and it was information I had just explained. The next page, more of what I had gone over and he realized I had taught the entire lesson, from my own knowledge base.

It was a good moment. I saw admiration in his eyes and a fresh surge of confidence in his mom. I am so honored by the faith and trust my children have in me. When we withdrew our oldest from school, the first week, maybe two, I got a bit of "mom, you don't understand". Now in all truth, this particular child is kind of know it all by nature. It wasn't long, not long at all, and my kiddo had decided that he trusted me.

My daughter always put up a good front, strong, spirited and proud, she wanted all her accomplishments to be her own and she didn't like to give me much credit along the way or in the moment. But the end of the day, the week and at totally random times she would flood me with love and gratitude. Sometimes in love and words, sometimes in crayon notes and pictures.

All in all, when they finished school, they had gained a genuine respect for the ol' mom. They could learn from me all these things just as easily as they had learned everything else in their life, with my help from time to time.

Maybe I can help with Geometry because it was one of my favorite subjects. Maybe because I've taught it twice already. Or maybe because I just know it and it's logical. Either way, sitting at the table and talking with him, as we went over it, was just another wonderful marker on this journey reminding me how very much I love my choice to homeschool, beginning to end.

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