The Lost Boys

This has weighed on my heart so heavily the last few weeks. I have shared my excitement and pride in the accomplishments and upcoming graduation of my oldest son. As I look back over his homeschool journey and where he is now, where he is heading, I fall to my knees thanking God for the gift homeschooling was for him.

In sharing I've been contacted by so many moms, who have sons who just weren't happy in traditional school and who, even at home seem to struggle and be frustrated. I know, I know, as surely as I know my own name that the problem isn't the boy. It's the system. It's the method, it's limitations. It's a system in traditional school or even at home that is built for girls.

These are not lazy boys. These are Lost Boys. Boys who are wired to be men, to hunt, to gather, to work with their hands, to build something, to sweat, to think, and solve problems. Men who will innovate, men who will strike out on their own in business. The kind of men, other men respect. The kind of men other men call to come take care of the tangible things in life that only these men seem to understand.

Over the last 17 years I have been so utterly disgusted by the attempt to feminize our young men. It is  so entrenched our education ideas. Our boys, our sons are being labeled, medicated and condemned and we are letting it happen to them!

They are no different than the greatest of men in our history - Einstein, Edison, Lincoln, just to name a few. Men who didn't fit in the box. Men who needed to think, tinker and work with their bodies to invigorate their minds. Men like Jefferson, Washington and John Adams were farmers. Ronald Reagan was a rancher. Men need to be men. Sit them at a quiet desk during their most energetic, exciting years and force them into dry, meaningless busy work and you will kill their spirit.

Why are so many men failing to launch into life and staying with parents till they are 30 - I believe it is, in no small part because of the Lost Boys effect.

We must abandon, and I mean dump, trash, burn to the ground these ideas that can ultimately cripple our sons. We must empower them, see them. We must FIND these Lost Boys and lead them home.

rant over. thanks.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more. Excellent "rant." Boys need to move. Moving is as important to them as breathing! Can't wait to read more. :)


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