Some men still slay dragons

This afternoon, I am working in my home. Answering questions and handling a couple matters for our son who is about to graduate in a few weeks and return home school. I'm taking our youngest son to meet a friend and swim. Cleaning house, and working on our bathroom. Doing basically, whatever I want, whatever needs doing as I see fit.

I am provided this amazing freedom as a precious gift of love received from my very own hero, my knight in shining armor.

Each day he slays dragons, he protects us and provides for me and for the family we've created. He doesn't love his job. Some days he doesn't even like it. This is not the dream he dreamt as a boy for his life. It's exhausting, lives depend on him, it's stressful, and it taxes his spirit daily. But he suits up each morning and I kiss him good-bye.

Some men, still slay dragons to protect their wives and children. Some men still lay down their lives for their bride, every single day, dying to their own wishes, their fears, and anxieties to go into battle.

Everything he has done over these 16+ years is nothing short of heroic. Military, deployments, war, education, sacrifice. These may not have scales but believe me they can breathe fire, and they frighten many lesser men into submission. Not my man. He acts in spite of fear, the mark of true bravery.

He would give me everything. Every thing on the face of the earth and the moon itself if he could lasso it. He wants me to never worry, never be sad, or tired, or sick. He wants to take it all upon himself. He doesn't care if I work so long as it is because it is the desire of my heart and not for survival. He supports my every desire, whim, and eccentricity.

I am his bride. He is my husband. I am abundantly blessed by God's gift of this man. Steven, you are my hero my love. I pray when you come home it is a place of rest, renewal, love, comfort, and joy. I hope you feel my arms around you, my love surround you and my prayers carrying you until you return to me.

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