Homeschool throwback

--originally posted in June 2009--

Taylor turned in her summer reading list.

She wants to read all of Shakespeare's Sonnets (120+) as well as Twelfth Night
about 6 Agatha Christie Novels and two more novels by Jane Austen.

These are her favorite authors, and she has already jumped in with both feet. So summer is well under way.

I used to require a book at all times but once they discover the love of literature it's not necessary to require it. The desire requires it.

Reading is the one constant on the privilege ladder as well, the one thing they can never lose.

A long wonderful day is ahead of me. A day where I can work and play, relax and enjoy my family. I'll feed Horton, do laundry, make some SimplyFun calls, catch up with old friends, and cook for family. What a joy it is to be able to feed them again. Feels like me.

Man, I was really a good mom. I'm a good mom now too I guess, but wow when I think back to what we've done - all we've done - I know I did a good job. I miss being awesome. There was a time I was really awesome and hot. I used to be hot too.

Today, today is here, I feel good, coffee is hot the house is being rediscovered and my baby bird Horton is alive. Check back in tonight :)

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