Advice for homeschool moms...

Allow me to make recommendations for handling particularly stressful days...
1) Hide from the children in the minivan in the garage and take the baby monitor. They will find you but it will be the last place they look. It has a tv, radio, and a phone charger.
2) Call in sick
3) Watch the documentary Bully on Netflix and realize if you did nothing at all but played goldfish with your kids from k-12 and live your life with them, they would be better off than going to public school
4) Procure a jar of Nutella, a spoon, and some comfy pj pants and sit
5) Imagine these children you love being captive, in a small room, all day with a tired, cranky, pms'ing teacher who feels underpaid, overworked, and is ready for it to be summer break. Imagine what they would be learning there.
If that doesn't help, I would reiterate that you might be doing the homeschool thing wrong, because it shouldn't be an ongoing stressful, yelling, wrestling match each day.

(Now if you are one of my amazing educator friends, with a classroom of blessed kids who get to learn from you - do not take offense to this, you can of course, but don't. This is comfort for a mom who is doubting her ability to do this homeschooling job 24/7. I think most of you would admit that even the best traditional school teachers have bad days, don't feel good, PMS, have personal stress, self doubt and frustration. It's just about saying that a bad day home for us, is not that different than a day at school where the teachers is having a bad day.)

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