Art Matters

Sharing wonderful pieces of Art is a critical element in Charlotte Mason Homeschooling but even if you aren't hs'ing it's a wonderful enrichment for your family. This book is less than $10.00! You can't beat it, I dare you.

Each week I would look up one piece of art online, then print it out as large as possible. It would be displayed on a board for the week. The kids would color this piece during the week, and we'd learn and discuss the artist, the period, the influences. 

All these years later my very rough and tumble, Certified Diesel Mechanic son at 24, recognizes great works of art. <ah, sigh of joy>

One thing my boys have always enjoyed was coloring these pieces laying on the floor under the dining room table with the piece taped to the underside. Very Michaelango!

Art was always important in our homeschool, which was generally a humanities/liberal arts based approach initially. I will share another curriculum I adore tomorrow for exploring different media in artistic expression.

Kids love craft and all manner of things with popsickle sticks and paper plates. But a good education must involve fine art, just exposure, just enjoy it, color it, just have it around the house, love it, hate it. But expose yourself to it. The fine and beautiful things in this world are abundant, we should immerse ourselves in them

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