1:30 in the AM

Craft day today was so much fun. Thanks to the other moms for coming!!

I worked on things until about 10 pm! Which explains why I am still up at this hour. I was gonna pull my best Scarlet O'hara and just think about it tomorrow but I am up, and still going so why not do a little cleaning & laundry.

I had about 1 1/2 cups of coffee with caffeine today. I haven't had any palpitations and I got all the perks of the caffeine!! as evidenced by my perky personality at this time of the morning, and my house which is all put back together, my hubby's coffee that is set, his breakfast & lunch made, and his favorite jeans in the dryer.

Not to worry I am staying away from the stuff as a rule. I know my system just can't process it.

I think I will run through the imaginary phone booth in the hall and turn back into my secret identity as a mild mannered homemaker...well the homemaker then.


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