Married at 17. A mother at 19 and divorced before I turned 21. The product of great poverty. Poverty not only as it relates to the nickel, but of a great many poverties.

Defined as:
1) The state of being extremely poor. 
2) The state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount.

Family. In-tact families are like rare and beautiful birds, hard to find. Divorced, remarried, divorced, and remarried. Divorce wreaked havoc on my family going back many generations. It left a legacy of brokenness and a trail of broken people in it's wake. 

Addiction. Alcoholism. Adultery. Crashed through every generation and every household either as the dependents or the co-dependents. The alcoholics or the adult children of alcoholics. 

Lack of Education. Resourceful, and hard working but lacking in education, formal or otherwise perpetuated the cycles.

Absence of God. There is a terrific difference between knowing there is a God, and following Him. Whatever vestige of a small church country faith may have existed several generations ago leaves no trace in the family now.    

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