No, not 911 the Emergency Number. No not 9/11 the Terror Attacks. 911 as in nine hundred eleven posts. That is the actual number of posts on this blog. As of this morning 43 were published. When I switched from A Housewife Extraordinaire to One Blue Branch I moved most of my stuff into draft files, since I wasn't sure much of it was relevant. But now that the real business end of the business has been shut down so that I can partner with my daughter full time in the bakery, I figured I might as well start unlocking the vaults.

Whew, very interesting stuff going back so many years. I'm afraid I won't be posting all 910 of the back posts but maybe I'll get many up. Lots to label and tag, but if you are awake all night like I am at times, might give you some things to read :)

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