and then... I blog.

and then... I blog.

Schoolwork, housework, business, laundry (lather, rinse, repeat.) My list of the things to do is of course much longer than those four categories. But I'm betting you already know the litany of other things because it's on your everyday list too.

So very much has been going on! Projects, classes, my business license, and though I would loved to have and posted about 45 times with updates, there are only 24 hours in a day.

Don't misunderstand I believe there are exactly enough hours in the day. I think God ordered the day and He gave us plenty of time to do all the things we need to, some of the things we want to, and none of things we shouldn't. We just get all mixed up about which is which.

I had a blast planning for and holding the painting class last week, but in the days since life has been taking priority over getting to share the fantastic makeovers and pieces we did.

Living life should always, always take priority over talking about it. I had lots of catching up to do in my home the last couple weeks. How does it get so far away from me? I don't know but like a runaway steer I have to stop what I'm doing, rush off and wrangle it to the ground. In the event you have lost track of what I am even talking about with all these analogies - I really needed to spend some time cleaning my house, catching up laundry and a hundred other things. First things first...

...and then I blog.

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