Melissa's dining room makeover Part 1

Good Morning, it's frigid, crazy, cold outside but the skies are blue and bright so I will soak up the light. I run on alternative energy - coffee, with solar as a backup.

Sharing a piece today that exemplifies what I have come to love about home design. The process. A woman's home is the canvas upon which she paints the story of her life. It is ever changing. Relax and allow it grow and change with you.

It's very hard to change a room you spent $2000 on from Pottery Barn. It doesn't matter if you don't love it, or if it no longer speaks to you. You are keeping it, right? I had living room furniture for 6 years that I hated but couldn't bring myself to sell in a garage sale and take the loss.

This is why I am a strong believer that a good room design includes only one or two new-purchase pieces at most. A blend of old, new, and repurposed pieces is the correct formula. Changing them around is fun, and gives you a fresh perspective.

Melissa W.,  a client and friend, has figured this out and has given me permission to share her evolving design and style.

This is the dining room before. Lovely. New. The great art on the wall hints at Melissa's energy.
She and her wonderful hubs have the cutest little boy, E. She felt the table was too big, the colors were too neutral and it didn't reflect the warm, cozy family time they spend around the table together. She also felt the table, though beautiful was too large for the room and didn't allow other pieces she needed for storage.

She thought of this table, an old hand me down from her mom that she used in college. Solid wood. Sturdy. (that's a treasure!)

We fleshed out her vision on Pinterest and when I felt like I knew what she was going for I got busy.

Finished in white, gently distressed to highlight the beautiful lines of the pedestal.

Distressing and texture on pieces used daily will save a thousand tears in a home with children. All furniture in a house with children WILL be distressed, it can either be part of the design or diminish it.

She has new modern chairs, with great color and a fun geo-design on the way. 
Which will reflect the warm, and fun, young family much better.

Sizing down the table is going to allow her to add a buffet for storage of art supplies for E and for those large kitchen things like crock pots and such. This pretty feminine and sassy look that will come together when the chairs are added reflects who Melissa is so much more accurately. Unique, pretty, happy, feminine, and full of life. 

Selling her like-new table and chairs, and opting for an up-cycled table - she had the extra money to get the perfect new chairs and now we are searching for that buffet!

Old and New

Find the heart in your home design. Thanks Melissa for letting me share a little piece of your journey! As the buffet and chairs come together we'll come back and update!

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