My kids and I have mad love for the dedicated bell ringers who work to gather donations for the Salvation Army each year. When we are spending a day running errands we find ourselves greeted by a dozen stations around town. Especially when they were little but even now, they want to donate every time. So at the beginning of the season Steve and I would decide how much our donation would be for the year. Then I would stop by the bank and get the amount in rolls of quarters and dimes. Keeping them in the glove box each time we stop the kids can take a couple coins (for entry and exit) and make a small portion of our donation.

There are so many opportunities to give all year round but each and every time I see the bell ringers I remember the Christmastimes of my childhood when we received our gifts and food baskets from the volunteers of the Salvation Army, local churches and well meaning good people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you give to the charities you love and support. Having been on the receiving end of it, I promise you, it matters.

Blessings & Grace,

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