Everyone of my children and guests are tucked in to bed tonight, warm, safe. Our weekend was filled with homecoming hugs and tears, and admissions of "missed you, sis, and missed you bro".

Game tournaments were immediately set into motion - Life, Quartile, Taboo, Clue, Pirate's Dice, Cards, and wrestling. Oh you know that game, wrestling with your brother until something gets broken, someone gets hurt, or moms call "ENOUGH!"

Catching up on finals, school, breaks, and plans. 

I cam home on afternoon to a loud house of mostly now young adults, saying, "Thank God you're home! What's for dinner we're starving! We ate two bags of Doritos already. 

Technically 3 adult (children) in the house
1 of which is in Culinary School
and everyone was at risk of starvation until mom arrived?

Ok I'll take it! :) I love it in fact!

Meaty Cheesy Pasta, a delightful, fresh, crisp Caesar Salad and freshly baked bread.  

hungry kids = mom heaven

I fed them very well.

More games, movies and laughter. warme

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