let us prepare

A formal declaration has been issued: this is going to be the very best Thanksgiving & Christmas ever!

So saith my daughter extraordinaire, Lindsey. The house will be the most beautiful it's ever been. The fire warmer, the gifts wrapped to perfection, the Christmas cards handmade, the photos will have everyone smiling and no one will have bed head on Christmas morning (even though her brother has bed head each day, all day, all year round, especially holidays and pictures). 

The house will be filled with delicious foods, on hand at all times and warm.

Everyone will be pleasant and grateful. Mercy will just flow through the house and bounce between us like a ping pong ball.
Christmas music, Vivaldi specifically will caress the ears to recall all good things of yule. It will snow each weekend, and melt every Monday morning. While we are on snow, it should also snow lightly as we leave Midnight Mass. 

We need new lights, decorations and I need to make all new stockings (apparently). *note to self

Part of me could react in a snarky, sarcastic way and say oh yes, and we would also like to arrange for tiny, green, glitter-covered, baby piglets to fly out of my rear singing Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. But I can't be snarky not about this. She has these Christmas dreams because they are visions of her Christmas Past and she is determined to recreate as much and as many of our wonderful Christmas memories as possible. 

As an adult now, I see this as my opportunity to model for her how to do this well. Not just how to make beautiful stockings, create amazing tablescapes or bake the best banana bread that ever was baked, (which I totally do) but mostly how to plan out these celebrations with an eye for detail, a heart for our family, and a spirit that will accept the limitations of time and money.

I owe it to her, to see me when I'm tired, see my budget, my planning and to know the difference between what I hope to accomplish and what I actually accomplish. When they were little all the magic of these months seemed to sprinkle over their blessed little lives. I wanted it that way, and I wouldn't change a single thing. To hear my children share their memories of our family holidays it's filled with love, food, beauty, laughter, and traditions that knit us together like a warm wool sweater. 

Yes, they are older now. The bed head, is still only 12 though so his childhood is not even remotely close to being finished. Saint Nicholas will come on Dec. 5th and Santa Claus on the 25th and those gifts will be wrapped in special paper and I can only hope that Santa drinks his milk. We'll have an Advent Calendar filled with celebrations, special nights, feasts and family straight through to Epiphany.

This is the season of preparing for the coming of our Lord, and because it is for Him and the treasures He has given me, in my family, I will lay out and put forth my very best. Come, let us prepare the way.