Can you even do that?

As I excitedly explained to my husband that I was going to can our own green beans the following spring, his response was, "Can you even do that?" Not could I do that so much as, can it be done?

His response was more incredulous when I said I wanted to make cheese a couple years later. Make cheese? You buy cheese, you don't make it. So it was no surprise how seriously he took me when while he was away on a business trip I told him I bought a goat. By that point he never knew what I was going to come up with next. I was teasing.

There was no goat, but only because we lived inside the city limits and goats are always escaping their enclosures. I have better things to do than chase goats, like figuring out how to make deodorant.

I was not a country girl, or Amish or anything cool. I was a city girl, a poor one at that. We sort of lived in the projects, well the neighborhood beside the projects but no one really appreciated the distinction.

Only 2 generations away from share cropping, quilting, brilliant women I think most of my desire to do these things is hard wired.

Even though I was a teen mom (at 19) when my son was born, I was determined to be an extraordinary mom, starting with breastfeeding. It was extremely difficult but we hung in there and mastered it. Nothing else in my life had ever, or since, felt more perfect than when I held my babies in my arms and nourished them. <insert longing sigh>

At 8 months it was time to introduce some foods to my healthy boy and I started making my own baby food. It wasn't really even a decision I made, it seemed silly to me to purchase cold food in jars when I could smash a banana and feed it to him, fresh and flavorful.

And so it has gone my journey as housewife and mom. I find that no matter how much a gal is into the housewife role - maybe she is like me and this is her full-time gig, maybe she works outside the home for some or most of the time, but everywoman, every.woman. has these desires hard wired in her. Sometimes it's expressed in cooking, or decorating, or parenting. Maybe it's gardening, flowers, sewing, or lots of little things like braiding their daughters hair and dressing their children nicely. Every woman finds herself at different times and in different seasons connected to the housewife in all of us.

This blog, these ideas, this lifestyle, is for every woman. You don't have to attempt to do all this- heavens I hope you don't think I try to! Right now there are 6 loads of laundry waiting for me to finish blogging. So, uh, we'll keep it real.

Moreover my hope is that together we find things that help us connect with that womanly desire to feather our nest, create our home and care for our family so that it's a beautiful place to grow.

With blessings and grace,