one door closes

wow, a bittersweet day indeed. Corey is away at school. All financial aid complete, registration, supplies, and so much more, finished. He is moved in and the reality of this still has not quite settled in on me.

We have finished all of Lindsey's registration, financial aid and scholarships and she is fitted for her chef's uniform in only a few days.

William's curricula is set, his activities registered and coordinated. My home continues to come together, albeit a bit slower for the time being with my broken face.

I am so blessed. The very near future promises a rhythm, peace, and prosperity that I have not known. I'm filled with energy and more than a little bonkers that I can't use it the way I want but directing it and focusing it is accomplishing great things.

Those long ago days of volleyball, the farm, traveling as a pack and driving with three little ones are etched in my heart.

Again, I reflect on the choice of homeschooling. It is the single best decision aside from marrying my husband, that I have ever made. It gave the privilege to not miss a single thing. It gave me great power and great responsibility and I rest my head at night feeling satisfied with the work I have done.

I wanted to keep my family close, it is.
I wanted to be the primary influence in their lives, above friends and a corrupt culture, I am.
I wanted them to explore and find their purpose in this world, they have.
I wanted them to love learning. They do.
I wanted to lead them loving to the throne of my Father and introduce them. I did.
I wanted to nurture an environment that modeled His love and made them want to know Him. I did.
I wanted to keep my children in the Church I love, the Church I believe in with my whole heart. They stayed, and gathered others.
I wanted to enjoy them all the time. I do
I wanted to be able to say, I didn't miss a thing. I didn't.
I wanted to hold my head high and know I provided them a complete education, a quality education. I know I did.
I wanted to instill my values, my sense of morality as God has revealed it to me. I did.

I say all these "I"'s not because I did it. Hardly. But because if I said, we my husband would quickly say, "No YOU did this."  We did it and that's the truth. More credit than I can tell you goes to my children, kind, good, humble, even tempered, obedient, outrageously funny, always entertaining, inspiring and so, so bright.

There were my dreams, and accomplished this and all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things through Him. And darn it, I did do this, through Him. I did it.

Two down, one to go. Now, on to the next exciting adventure...

A new school year is about to begin. It seems every year I am hoping for a calmer less tumultuous homeschool life but who am I kidding? It's not gonna happen.

Sure, I am down to just one kid in school. Sure we have new house, Steve and I have new careers and things are good in every area but think about it - we have NEW careers, he's training, I'm self employed. I have ONLY one kid, no tribe to distract, occupy, aid and assist.

Long time, no blog

It's not that I didn't want to. It's not that I didn't have the time. It's that I have been using a website and blog server that transported me to a planet where I could not manage to make anything work. Not any.thing.

The grass might be greener on the other side but ya still gotta mow it.

So I'm back here, let's face it where I belong, in the blogosphere. The inter-web is scarrrry George.

Now, what to talk about?

First day of homeschool

Today was the first day of our new school year. It started like every other homeschool day after the first 3 weeks of playing school-ey school.

You must understand, I got this. Seriously what you are about to read may give you great pause and cause for concern but ya gotta trust me. I know what I'm doing here.

I had every intention of beginning a calmer routine today where we would plow through our book work but homeschool is as much about home as school. It's about 50-50, it's supposed to be, it's  good balance that way.

We didn't open a math book, or a language arts curriculum or work on science program online.

My son literally worked all day on robots. Obsessed with robotics now, he drew, journaled, he researched, he wrote pages and pages of directions, requirements, calculations and problem solving. He built prototypes and searched for prototypes like his online to troubleshoot.

He read his book, he measured the challenge course and took notes. He worked some more. He read, reviewed and took furious notes about the regulations and rules of competition for his Robotics Team. He described each revision in exhaustive (to mom) detail. He presented his plans to his team tonight. Then he came home and continued working until I made him go to bed.

Now. All the writing (pages) in his journal is not in excellent penmanship. There are also spelling errors. Not because he can't spell but because, though it isn't his strongest suit, he can spell best when he does his revisions, not on his personal shorthand.

Telling dad, who is out of town working all about his day he was so excited he could scarcely contain himself. He shared his plans with Lindsey too. He told me in the hall at Team tonight that he missed Corey and he hoped we could visit him soon.

A couple of the adult leaders were heard saying of him that he has a lot of great ideas, and he's smart.

I'm a homeschool mom. A veteran, a successful one.