Choose wisely.

God gives us the freedom to choose between good and evil. He does not however give us the right to define them.

With so many issues, debates, and discussions swirling around and an important election around the corner, this idea about the freedom to choose but not define is marinating in my mind.

How often do we want what we want and after prayer and discernment we decide God wants us to be happy even though are choice is outlined in Scripture, in teaching and Tradition as a sin, or evil?

Okay, evil? Evil is a strong word, right? When I think evil I think of some cat eating serial killer.

But herein lies the rub. The idea that there are shades of gray, is man-made. God wants all of us. All of our heart, all of our soul, all of our lives. He wants us to turn away more everyday away from the things of this world and earthly desires and toward Him. He calls us to be Holy. Holy.

Not be a good person. Not do more right than wrong. Not live avoiding the big sins, but to give Him everything. No other god before - not any other desire (god) before Him. Not a sexual desire, not a personal desire, not a need, a weakness, a failure, a shortcoming, nothing, before Him.

Taken in that context, the road to Heaven appears to be much less traveled.

When we say yes to our desires, desires that contrast with His Word, His commandments, His Church, we are choosing between good and evil. Good is with God, evil is without Him. We can think we are finding some loophole, and it might help us sleep at night, for awhile. But we can only choose whether or not we choose God. We cannot define what pleases Him.

Choose wisely.

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