prom, another thing homeschoolers do well.

My beautiful daughter is getting ready for Prom. She is a vision. In shorts, flip-flops, hair pulled back and one of my t-shirts heading to her best friend's house to do hair and make-up. I can't wait to see her all dressed up looking stunning.

I remember 13 years ago when I began sharing with family that we were homeschooling. Someone said, well it just makes me sad, because she will be so pretty and she'll miss out on all the milestones of high school like Prom.

Both the kids have attended homecoming, proms, winter dances, homecoming games, and all that jazz. With friends from so many different schools, different homeschool groups and of varying ages they have had every opportunity to sample some of the fun things we all remember from high school without having to be immersed in the muddy drama we all remember as well.

I didn't know back then that they would have these opportunities. I wasn't sure if missing Prom was really something to regret. I knew the negatives outweighed the positives and so there was never really any question.

This Prom, $50 tickets, full meal, excellent music, well chaperoned, no drugs, no drama, no nonsense, just friends having a wonderful time celebrating their youthfulness. What's very cool is God is invited. What's very cool is that our God is bigger than the world and not afraid to let His faithful enjoy secular music, dancing, and fun.

You have to love how God works everything out. All things working to bring about good things for my family. Another day that I thank God for the wisdom, strength and fortitude it has taken to homeschool. Thank you Jesus!

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