fairy godmother

I recall this morning how blessed I have been to be a sponsor. Christina, Joshua, and Clayton honored me over the last three years by asking me to be there Confirmation Sponsor. What a joy! I can't begin to express the privilege of standing alongside these young people as they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit conferred upon them through Confirmation.

This year I am sponsoring a beautiful teen in my youth group who came to us a serious skeptic and unbeliever. On Saturday she will be Baptized, Confirmed and received in full Communion with the Church. I am rejoicing as I pray for her this morning.

So many join us at Easter, the renewal, the power of the Resurrection, the life of the Church is never more intoxicating to me than it is this week (Holy Week).

I have to say, how on earth did I get here? Honestly, if you want proof of God - look at me. A girl who was wild, wayward, lost, broken and God has seen fit to raise me out of it, restore me, renew me, and has  me (me!) of all people, leading others to Him? I am not worthy of such abundant grace. His love is luxurious, He truly made me a new Creation, a new daughter. I will not turn back never. I refuse to wear the garment of a slave. I walk in my life as a daughter of the Living God. It doesn't matter who I was, I know who I am in Him.

I encountered Christ as a teen, I experienced that initial conversion, but faith is not a moment in time. It's not a switch that was flipped. It's a journey. Some people are found, and then they just get lost again. I did. He kept coming for me. He never let go.

My world was a house on fire, Jesus broke down the door and came for me. Silly girl I was, I ran from Him, tried to hide even. But He kept coming. He was not going to leave me in the fire.

He would leave everyone else and come just for me. He died on the Cross for me alone. Think about that, for a second. He would have walked Calvary, suffered and died if the only person His life would save was mine. He loves me so much! You cannot be in a relationship with someone and share this depth of love and not be overwhelmed. My God adores me, He guides me, cares for me, disciplines me, challenges me and calls me to greater things that I might know the joy of bringing Him glory.

He heaps upon me joy after joy. A marriage I am safe and loved in everyday. Children on earth and in heaven to love, family, and He allows me to work in the vineyard sharing His great love. I am praying most especially for Joshua, Christina, and Clayton this Easter - as their sponsor it's my duty to be their prayer warrior. I am praying for Gabby, who has blessed me with the opportunity to be not only her sponsor but her Godmother. Please pray for all the elect joining the Church this Easter. His truth is marching on.

one question, as a fairy godmother do I get a wand??? I probably seem more like a fairly oddparent, than godparent but hey take it up with the big guy.

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