grow up?

I do not know what I want to be when I grow up. Sadly the clock is ticking along and I really have absolutely no clue.

I've had plenty of jobs, I was good at them. I've had a couple of good invention ideas, I still say I was the first one to think of making ketchup and mayo bottles upside down. I'm raising 3 amazing kids and I love taking care of my house (duh, title) but it's still not enough.

My mom used to call herself a jack of all trades and a master of none. That's kind of me too. I'm an okay cook, an okay decorator, an okay writer, an okay organizer and so on. I can do pretty much anything I want if I decide to do it. The problem is I'm all over the place. I get bored.

This week I am making decorations for the boy scout banquet. I've built a pirate ship, hand-painted treasure chests and pirate ship place mats, and created golden goblet bejeweled with colorful stones. It's cute and fun but I'm no Martha Stewart and I'm glad I'm almost finished because I am bored with it.

I ready to finally redecorate the Master Bedroom. Looking forward to painting and sewing but I know when that project is finished I'll move on to a new one, tweak some old ones, move some furniture and look for something else to do.

What do people do when they just "are"? I mean I know people who actually don't rearrange their furniture. They don't paint and repaint entire rooms, or entire houses. Do they just hang out? Because man just thinking about that puts me to sleep.

41. I'm going to be 41 in April and I can't even imagine slowing down. I ready to begin plans for an International Mission Trip and I really looking at the possibility of going to World Youth Day in Brazil in 2013. I'm thinking about walking the Camino and lately I've been thinking about woodworking - though I don't know why. I want to do little things and big things and a million things. I always have. I wanted to be a hundred things when I grew up not just one.

A bucket will not hold my list, I'm going to have to kick a rain barrel when I die. I just want to see if I can, you know. I want to see if I can walk the Camino. I want to see what God wants me to see. I want to see if I can make one of those over the top cakes with details all made from fondant. I want to go to Rome and Ireland.

It's midnight again. I'm not sleepy. I really am sick and tired of this whole having to sleep thing anyway. Don't you just want to get up and do stuff?

I'm ready to kick the cable tv to the curb, I watch it to fall asleep and frankly Netflix works fine and is lots cheaper.

I'm ready to lose the iphone. Oh it's totally cool but I really don't want to sit and play silly games. I skim my email but prefer my laptop for the actual reading and replying. I don't know, seems like a waste of money to me.

A workout nut, I could get on board with that! Or a cook, learning to do some real cooking would be fun. I don't know, isn't it just so exciting to get up and see what happens tomorrow?

I keep thinking I should settle down and settle on something like finishing college or some such thing but really when I think about the amount of time out of my life it will take - UGH. Maybe, I don't know. OOOH fishing I am so glad the weather is nicer now so we can go fishing some. I want to camp too. I like camping. I think we will enjoy camping with Scouts this year. I plan to go but only if I can go MY way - air mattress, lawn chairs, books, laptop, my comforts :)

Lots of things to do tomorrow, excited about a great weekend ahead.

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