On the 9th day of Christmas --- one lady dancing

So there are 8 ladies dancing somewhere else and this lady is dancing here :)

My beloved, wonderful, amazing, gracious, loving, dear husband... went back to work today. He has been home since Dec. 23rd. Working from home.

He was supposed to be at work yesterday, or so we thought but he got there and no one was there, so he came home. Wrong day. I know, nice.

He is great to have home. I love spending time with him. The kids have a blast when dad is home on vacation. He got lots of projects finished and was so helpful. In many ways I was sad to see our Christmas Vacation/Staycation end.


there's always a butt, I mean but. When Dad is home the house is really loud. Like, rattle the rafters constantly loud. There is screaming, shrill shouts of joy, running, climbing, wrestling, raucous laughter it's a joke a minute, it's constant, con-stant. No one goes to bed until midnight, no one has any semblance of a routine, it's like some hippie commune where everyone sits around happy in their boxer shorts eating cheese.

If you know me at all you know I don't care much for hippies. So here at the ninth day of Christmas mom is ready to get back to reality. Don't you judge me.

My entire house needs to be cleaned, momma cleaned. My kids' brains have turned to jell-o from the lack of schooling in the last month, and I think I was actually down to my last nerve. I was starting to twitch. I have heard all the blasting music, watched all the cartoons, played all the wii games, board games, dress up the dog in funny hats, watched all the movies, eaten all the cookies, and had about all the family time I can stand. I knew I was done yesterday when I was standing in the kitchen and wondering what life is like for women whose kids go to school. I daydreamed for a solid 5 minutes about an empty house. How clean it could be, how ordered, how quiet.

As my heart sank from my chest into the pit of my stomach I realized that day would come soon enough.

A break, a return to our schooling, and activities yes, that picture I was ready for, but having the last two off to their adult life the way Corey (my oldest) is, can wait.

My biggest kid, my hubby went back to his adult life today and I know he is missing the chaos and the kids climbing all over him. He is also required to wear pants at work which is the worst part of being an adult.

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me - my routine back. My little housewifelife, I love it, and I am dancing :)


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  1. I read the newer one before I read this one - now I'm really roflmbo!!! (I can't even type the other- I'll get caught, you know I will). You are on a blogging roll. DO NOT STOP - please!! I have missed reading your stuff and I miss you.



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