my heart :)

Oh my heart is warm sitting here with William and my beautiful "nephews"I laid claim to at church. G and C, 3 and 1 they make me so happy. They are playing kitchen with William watching him take the lead, doing with them, what I've done with him makes me want to cry. He is gentle and teaching. He pretends and is so loving and imaginative. Like Taylor and Corey.

My memory, which I thought was growing dusty is flooded with snapshots of the little world I created with them in our home.

How I miss those days. I was meant for this work. We need play sets or leapfrogpadlearning devices. We played together. We talked constantly, and I listened intently. God's grace poured out on me. I didn't know how to be a good mother, but it was my heart's desire and my prayer. God grew it in me.

I came up with new things to do, new ways to learn, every single day. We were so blessed. Watching them grow was all my joy.

Instead of a fancy expensive play set they were more content with a box decorated to look like a stove and fridge, they preferred a table cloth over the coffee table as a professional kitchen. Tarp and a baby pool was swim time inside during the winter.

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