We don't school when the public school begins. Why? I guess that's just the cowboy in me :D 

I dunno for one people are insane in the two weeks before school begins and I don't want any part of it. Mostly too the first few weeks the schoolers are back in session is the very best time to do everything we like to do. The Zoo, the Water Parks, Johnson Shut-ins this year, picnics, fishing, Six Flags, City Park, City Museum. No muss, no fuss. Usually really good weather and field trips haven't started yet.

The mania surrounding back to school time has plenty of advantages for us too. I take advantage of school supply deals, sales on jeans and clothes and this time is when my school planning and life planning kicks into high gear.

I pretty tired today so I moving a bit slower than I would like and catnapping seems to be irresistible this afternoon, but several priorities are still front burner. Straightening kitchen cabinets and giving the refrigerators and freezers a once over and an inventory check. Giving the pantry and stock a few minutes too. 

I'll get stocked up on cough, cold and flu items and check the medicine closet to see what we need. 

My curriculum check is already finished I do that back in June and July. I've already cleaned and cleared out last year's notebooks, straightened and revamped posters and relocated work stations.

The lesson plans loom, as do a couple of huge decisions on key subjects. Calendar for the semester isn't completed, waiting on some more activity schedules. 

On the agenda still: prepping the lawn for fall, washing windows, painting outside, stocking the deep freezer.

Tomorrow oil changes, tire rotations.