Good day at Aldi

It's always a good day at Aldi. Strawberries only 99 cents, blueberries $1.29.

Great produce and great off brand value. Another week of groceries under $65.00. Weird shopping with no coupons. I know, no coupons! This was almost nothing but produce and a couple products I wanted to try - the Aldi juice, similar to Simply Orange (my fav and rarely a coupon on it.) This alternative is really good. Medium pulp.

The whole mozzarella was very good and only $2.29. They even had Laughing Cow cheese for half the Shop n Save price.

Weird day today. A little grocery shopping and fixing supper is the extent of my day today. My arms are really hurting and the exhaustion continues. My plans to take the kids to Raging Rivers today were squashed when I woke up in kind of a bad way after a difficult night. Steve was home and offered to take the kids and let me rest all day. I was grateful to stay home and relax but I was looking forward to visiting with a new friend and working on a tan.

I spent the late afternoon working  and most the evening working on acrylic nails. Turned out very good, french manicure. Maybe tomorrow I can do my toes :) Took forever, my hands aren't working perfectly and my arms got tired just pressing the tips with glue. weird.

Stocked up on strawberries and blueberries, need to freeze them tomorrow. I know I'm not getting enough stockpiled in much of any category really.

Need to accomplish at least 2 solid weeks of summer school starting Monday. Not sure what we'll do this weekend. Too hot for me. fireworks yes, food yes. We need to make friends with someone who has pool! Scooting off for the night. Blessings to you - Robin