I've gotten more accomplished on my vacation in one week than I have in months, or at least it feels more productive since it's less stop and start.

The basement, is good, the upstairs is good, the list, like the beat goes on, both of things done and things to do. I was smoking through another day's list when a chair in the living room launched some sort of, tractor beam. It began to exert an irresistible force upon me. Suddenly I was sucked into the comfy chair. In only a few seconds, I was lost, the fourth quarter of my day was lost. My husband would say like Lebron James, I was only good for three quarters today.

Hyper focus is great, but life doesn't work that, not my life at least. It this mish mashy, messy marathon of juggling were able to be broken down into separate weeks of work - life would be a cake walk. I used to be so good at multi-tasking but now I am awful, really awful. I have to do one and only one thing at a time.

My most productive days are the ones in which I allow myself to complete one task before moving on. As much as I miss rocking a baby in one arm, mopping with my foot, stirring supper with the other hand, talking on the phone and working on the computer all at once, I really feel much better about everything I do now. I told William this afternoon I couldn't look at his artwork. It isn't as bad as all that! I said no then so I could say yes to sitting with him, giving him my undivided attention just 10 minutes later.

Everybody has ADD especially kids, so I understand William stopping our chore to show me something.  I didn't bark at him, just said he could have all my attention as soon as we finished straightening.

Not having school, not having a Life Night to prep for, it's like someone added 20 extra hours into my day. I can't even imagine having children at school all day. I think I could probably find the cure for cancer if I had that many hours in a row. Oh sure the phone would ring, there would still be stuff to do, errands and such but I do all that and do my job, and do school right now.

I'm whining, ignore it. I refuse to give up any of the things I love to do. I'm going to have a couple of SimplyFun parties in the next month too. I think what I am seeing is that as long as I have an opportunity to catch up every few months in areas that need attention I should be good to go.

This little rabbit trail into my blog needs to wrap up. I became so tired after the chair snagged me that I had to come rest in the bed with the laptop. Now I need to get back on Steubenville planning, and email lists. Things I can accomplish from the comfort of my bed :)

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