coupons "extremely" misleading?

Extreme Couponing is in the eye of the beholder. I read a good article this week on the subject. It expressed how because of the program people aren't happy with saving $10- $20 they want to get a thousand dollars of food for a nickel.

Okay, that is not realistic. Did you see it on tv? Yes. Is everything we see on tv real kids? no.

As I posted in a previous post coupon decoding is used WAAAAAY to often on the program to make their brand of savings reproducible.

I had not watched the show until I had been running the coupons myself for a few months. After watching it a couple times I knew it was not coming off as honest. For one thing, why are they so nervous in the line? I'm excited in the line, but not nervous. The women often look panicked as if they are doing something wrong. No one ever checks products with coupons, they only make sure the register beeps. beep = coupon accepted. Cheating is a big deal on that show. If they ever checked the products the women would get busted.

For me extreme coupling means on really great days I get free stuff. It means I stock up on great deals. I get lots of papers, lots of coupons to make that happen. I organize and sort. I try to buy only products for which I have coupons. I check all the local ads but I do almost 90% of my shopping at Shop n' Save. I also get some items at Wal-mart and Walgreens or CVS. My goal is to save around 60- 70% on my grocery bill all the time.

So, don't get too wound up trying to leave the store with 400 bottles of hand sanitizer and 4 carts of pretzels for $3.00. Turn off that show. I like Jill Cataldo her blog is awesome and honest - she can help you save big and keep your integrity in check.

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