Trip 2

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Manwich  $1.00 x 10
Ronzoni Noodles $1.93 x 4
Bob Evans Mac and Cheese on sale $3.28 x 4
Hawaiian Sweet Sandwich Rolls $2.08 x 10

Total = $51.64

These coupons were fun.

First 10.00 off 50

so 41.64

I have a $1.00 off Sandwich Rolls x 10 stacked with free Manwich with purchase of sweet bread x 10
I have 2 BOGO coupons on the Bob Evans Dishes and that is stacked with 35 cents off each x 4
and $1.00 off Ronzoni Noodles x 4

so MY total was $9.68.

This was fantastic. Manwich is a favorite, these new Ronzoni Noodles have full servings of veggies, and I ended up getting a bunch of 'em before the day was out. Mac and cheese, always awesome. Nothing goes in the cart unless it's on sale AND I have a coupon now. Couldn't start that way but I'm there now.

The Manwich was more than $10 retail.

Two more trips to share!

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