Shop well, no retail!

This is most of this week's haul. The produce, meat, deli meats, and frozen pizzas were already put away. Retail Cost for this trip $343.26. My cost $160.47 A savings of 53%. 

Favorite buy this week! Extra Laundry Detergent. Regularly priced at $3.56. On sale for $1.88. $1.00/2 coupon made it $1.38 each. A savings of 62% on each. As you can see I bought 10. (I had 10 of the same coupon.) This is a good example of leveling the cost. The real beauty of this process is to lower spending not just on one week or one month the shopping bill but to lower significantly the amount you pay for everything over a year. The price of my laundry detergent will not fluctuate with sales now as I have enough to last months thereby leveling the price overall. Yes there is some stocking required. But to stock up I am not spending ANY extra money. In fact I am continuing to purchase what I normally need, stock up on items as I find the best buys and my spending is still amazingly down.

Snapple. My family loves Snapple but it was rarely on my shopping list because it's expensive.  Let's be honest though how often do we grab a drink from a gas station? How many times a week does my beloved buy something from the vending machine? A few times a month adds up quickly. Having these on hand, sending them to work and keeping them in the Van Plan saves money. Especially on deals like this.

Retail price $5.88. On sale 2/$10. So $5.00 each. I have a coupon for $1.00 of single pack bringing it to $4.00 each. And with every two I get a large 64 oz tea free - retail price $3.18 each.
Total for my Snapple - retail $44.82 - My cost $14.46 each Snapple is 40 cents.

I haven't done a complete cost analysis on the bounce bar versus sheets but. this bar lasts 4 months.  Retail price $8.47. On sale for $4.98 with my $1/1 coupon it was just$3.98.
Much less than a box of sheets I would use in one month or less and good for 4 months! Leveled spending.

Ah cereal. Look I can cook. I can and do prepare breakfast. There was a time in my life I was  making it all from scratch and I was quite the Suzy Homemaker in the kitchen. This is not that time. We are having a good time and my priorities are very different now - working as a full time youth minister, still homeschooling, writing, and going back to school. Yeah, they can make cereal.

(There are 2 boxes of Apple Jacks that fell over:)
I used to buy Malt O Meal bags of cereal. Quick, easy, cheap. Not my family's favorite. Shopping the sales and matching the coupons on cereal is hands down my kids favorite element of mom's coupon addiction. Kellogg's Cereal on sale 2/$5.00 with a $1.00 coupon off each box makes these just $1.50. Some were with .75 coupons so $1.75. When you add up the cost and the ounces in the container this IS cheaper. It is also pretty close to the Aldi price of around $1.78/box of off brand.

The real beauty of these deals though is that I also used $2.00 off deli meat when you buy 2 Special K. $3.00 off milk when you buy 2 Frosted Flakes and $2.00 off produce when you buy 2 Kellogg's cereals. These coupons CAN be combined because they are not saving on the same item.

Cereal Retail was $34.44. On sale it was $25.00. With coupons it was $17.50 or $1.75 a box. These purchases saved $7.00 off my other groceries bringing the cost to 10.50 or 1.05 a box. For named brand cereals - kids favorites and healthy cereal for the old folks. That is better than Aldi (and I love Aldi!)

Green Beans on sale for the higher grade which I prefer. I can buy cheap ones but did you know that canned vegetables are sorted by grade? I don't chewy stringy, or lots of ends particularly when I wait for a sale and buy the better ones for less. Stock up a little and I'm set till the next sale.

$1.00/4 Tuna Salad packs made each of these just $1.13!
Retail price $1.73. On sale for $1.38. with coupon $1.13. Buy 8 get $3.00 off next shopping trip.
Making actual cost $6.04 or .75 each - healthy lunch, and easy for DH to take to take along. Those Dole Crisps are delicious on sale with coupon .75 :) = happy hubby lunches.

Starbucks coffee with $1.50 coupon only $6.98 and your empty bag buys you a free Tall Coffee at Starbucks making this about $3.00 after enjoying a cup of Joe at my favorite place!

V8 - this is not your mama's V8. They are fabulous and a healthy drink that can replace kool-aid once or twice a day and load them up on essential nutrients. Retail $3.13. On sale 2/$5.00 - $1.00/2 makes them $2.00. This is not a drink every time you are thirsty drink. This is a built into the meal plan drink.

SHUT UP! I loved this deal! Retail $3.67 On sale 4/$10 or $2.50 each - $1.00 coupons off made them just $1.50!! I have a truckload of these coupons seriously like 20. AND for every 4 purchased I got $3.00 off the next shopping trip! Which made them .75 each!!! This beats cheap cardboard pizza any day of the week and twice on Sundays!

C'mon. My kids are thrilled with my new shopping methods.

I have added a fridge/freezer in the basement. I cleared a metal shelving unit for an extra pantry. I had both just didn't have them in use.

I didn't go into all the deals but with $10/$50 orders my milk, produce, bread and meats all came in at excellent prices as well. It took 4 trips to the store to save $40.00 off the deal making the meat essentially free.
I live right behind the store so no problem :)

Best part 3 different ladies asked or told me I should be on the coupon show. I've never seen it. One lady was not happy when her husband pointed at my binder and said, "Why don't you do that?" She rolled her eyes at me and said, "I don't have time for that!"

For the record, God Himself created the days. He made it to have 24 hours. He made us to require rest and sleep for 8 or so hours. There are enough hours in the day to do what we should. Perhaps not what we want. This is a hobby for me right now. Maybe it'll get old? But for now I love it. I don't farm, I don't watch Survivor, or any tv really but news on in the background - or Law and Order Reruns. I like the Middle and Happy Endings. Oh and Chef Ramsey when I can find it. No DVR. I don't farm or play games online. I enjoy stuff most people think of as work. I think I am a workaholic. No joke, startin' to think it. I don't like to read fiction, I am a movie snob and good grief I'm turning into Wheezer.

On that note, shop well - no retail!


  1. At what grocery store are you shopping? I'm sure we'd love to use your deals as an example, especially the Snapple, but I don't know what store has them 2/$10!


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