Now I'm a believer.

Before I share my shopping successes this week please accept my invitation to not be impressed.

I am truly enjoying the challenge of saving money on groceries. It's SO exciting to walk out the door with literally a cart full of FREE groceries. I am building a stockpile so my shopping excursions do not look anything at all like they used to look.

For some people this just seems like too much work, too much trouble and too long to see the benefits in the pocketbook. That's fine, don't be impressed. I reserve the right to think you probably aren't interested or haven't taken the time to really understand the goal of lower my grocery bill across the long term, and by a goal of 70%.

Still not impressed? That works out to a savings of $5,040.00 per year.

Still not impressed? Would $93,397.00 be impressive? Invest $5040 in a Roth IRA at a 10% rate of return for 10 years - it's over $93,000. Have I done that? not yet.

So trip number one.

Heinz Ketchup on sale $1.97 x 10

Creamette 3 minute Quick Cook Pastas on sale 10/$10.00 x 10

Ken's Salad Dressing on sale 10/$10.00 x 11

French's Spicy Brown Mustard 2/$3.00 x 8

Total = $52.70

First take off Shop n Save $10/$50.00


Then take off a $5.00 off coupon from OYNO (previously earned on a purchase - on your next order coupon also called Your Bucks or Catalinas)


I have $1.00 off Ken's Salad Dressings x 11 coupons
I have 55 cents off Creamette Pasta x 10 coupons
I have 50 cents off Ketchup x 10
I have 50 cents off Frenchs x 10

My total cost was $11.20 plus tax

Let's say I bought the ketchup for a 1.05 and everything else was free.  It's summer, so condiments are on sale - buy them. Pasta salads, dressings for marinades on the grill.

Okay JUST got a facebook update from Susan that she is an affectionate skeptic! bwahahaha this post was ALREADY written girl, it wasn't meant as an answer. Promise :)

So could I feed my family on this for two weeks? Nope. Not trying, the grocery stocking is a cumulative process. These items are items I use. This was one of four trips I made yesterday. It took me a total of about 3 hours to shop and probably another 4 from the week. Over 10 yrs my average hourly rate based off the saved/invested $93,000 would be something like $17.00 an hour. Which I could earn while homeschooling, watching movies with my family and while I complete my other work.

There is also a learning curve. I started this in March. I have to look for the best sales, and I have learned to be disciplined and NOT buy something just because I have a coupon.

More Thursday trips to come!

Susan - I love you! Let me help?

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