Kids can love Math?

What do you need to have a successful education? 

A dedicated teacher invested in the instruction of her students.

Low student-teacher ratio.

Access to good curriculum and materials.

In our home our children have all this in great abundance. No teacher will ever be as personally invested in the success and instruction of my children as I am. It isn't possible. My children have a classroom of 2 (previously 3) and they are instructed one on one. They have opportunities to enjoy a classroom experience too so they are able to sit at desks, wait their turn and stand in straight lines.

Curriculum. This is so awesome. ALL traditional schools are limited to the curriculum provided them by school boards. I have the freedom to tailor their instruction to each child every year. To evaluate and make changes, to try and borrow and get input - hold on to your seat - from the child! 

Pictured in this post is Math U See. This is the curriculum we have used for many years now. We abandoned with rejoicing and trumpets Saxon. We all hated Saxon. Hate is not too strong a word on this issue - it was tears and frustration. MUS is fantastic. 

It is only one example of a curriculum I love, that is not available in any school, not that I am aware of at least. The access to curriculum as a homeschooler is unrivaled in ANY school environment. 

Watching both my kids excel and enjoy Math... that is priceless. 
The cost of this curriculum for each year is approximately $50-$60 and is available for Preschool through High School/Honors courses. It includes a DVD, online and phone support, workbook, manipulatives, tests and additional printable worksheets if needed. Oh and tell me if this has ever happened in a public school? I've seen the creator speak, I have ad conversations with him and our personal input has been considered in the development of this program over the last 13 years.

Loving my life today.

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