I trust you Lord - originally posted 12-29-10

Oh, how I long to be graceful. Filled with His grace. Peaceful, settled, resting gently in truth.

Somedays I'm right there. Somedays, I am close and other days my restless mind, my childish heart, my stubborn pride and distractions keep me chasing my tail like a new puppy.

Your ways are perfect Father. You are God, and I am not. Your plan is all I will need. The truth in your Word will strengthen me. Your constant love reassures me. The cross in my hand reminds me. You died to give me life, everlasting life. Your plans for me are only for my good.

I trust you. I trust you Father. I trust you with all I am, all I ever hope to be, with every need, every want, every dream. I trust you.

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