I couldn't make this stuff up

I'm sorry I can't help you right now, my life is exploding like the Big Red I left in the freezer over night.

At this very moment...

William has Tabasco sauce in his eye (prank gone wrong he explained to me) and he is walking around with an eye wash cup squeezed into his eye socket. He has also destroyed a pair of sunglasses with a hammer to make himself an eye patch.

Where was I? Wrestling my dryer into submission as it's CLANGING and BANGING as if I'm trying to dry leftover parts from a Mustang GT.

I'm surprised no one has called CPS wondering why one kid at the homeschooler house is partially blinded and it sounds like Armageddon in my basement.

Really Lord? I had a very peaceful day planned for myself. It was going along swimmingly from 6:30 am until around 9 am. Then, it went sideways.

Why do I plan anything? When will I learn? My Father is apparently much more interested in pruning my pride, growing me in patience and teaching me to laugh when I want to run away from home, than He is about me catching up laundry or cleaning up the playroom.

Where is Taylor you might ask? Hiding. As well she should. She talks about the large family she hopes for someday. The reality of our medium sized family is oozing out of every corner outside her peaceful bedroom. It really is best if she keeps the headphones on, the ipod turned up and thinks only of handsome princes, lullabies and mommy and me pedicures after play dates.

With love,

An Extraordinary Housewife (on the brink of taking up drinking in the afternoon)

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