Coupon world today

Today in my coupon world:

Found some good coupons on manufacturer sites today.

also I'm a big fan of

Money Saving

Catalinas - those dollar off deals you probably didn't even know about, or at least I didn't!

I'm not about to redo what is already well done on these websites but I have been wading through the sites trying to find the good ones and the shams so if this helps a little to get you started with coupons - yay :)

On the Bob Evans - BOGO is where it's at! Find them on sale use a coupon on each and it's free or almost. I can make better sides and certainly for nickels on the retail price of these products but my reality check - I do not always have the time and the kids still want to eat. These are fantastic additions to semi-homemade meals. The potatoes go great in a semi-homemade meat pie, shepherds pie, and potato soup. Mac and Cheese - duh. Add anything - ham, chicken, hamburger.

Great deal on Duncan Hines Brownies too Wow they make great little brownie cookies, a little chocolate syrup and chocolate chips and cutting an egg out and it's chocolate lava cake.

Thinking out of my normal box too. I keep hearing people say they don't get coupons for what they buy normally. What I am loving about this experience is that I am learning to but DIFFERENT things! Which means for example I have this fabulous deal on polish sausages - what to do with it? Um, gee Jambalaya, tons of italian dishes, with peppers and italian sausages, breakfast for dinner and the website for Ekrich has many recipes too.

Brats, I will have brats coming out of my ears - not kids :) Hmm... I suppose we will be enjoying them all summer long - cause they freeze beautifully. Sausage too, turkey bacon is all we use, so spaghetti and meatballs, BLT, quiche, casseroles, homemade pizza.

I have wanted to enjoy cooking again for a long time but I fixed the same menus and everything was bland so the kids would eat something. I am actually beginning to enjoy it more the kids can eat Ramen - I'm done short ordering.

I am down to my last few pillsbury crescents, pizza dough, italian bread (awesome) and I love them so much. There just isn't anything quicker than using these little puppies for meals. Cold veggie pizzas - cream cheese and dill, crescents with cinnamon and a little powdered sugar and milk for icing glaze. Easy and yet impressive to a ten year old - who proclaimed I was amazing. I will be stocking up on them. I have a stockpile of coupons for them looking for the best price, sale, deal.

Tonight I made chicken, and polish sausages with tomatoes, sauce, rotini pasta and peppers. The total cost of the meal for four was under $3.00.

Produce was $3.00 off which more than covered it (coupon came from Special K recipe book in the aisle - which was also free)

Coupon for everything in the meal was used.

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