Dear Schnuck's,

Oh how disappointed I am in you. I stopped in with my $10 off a $50 order fully expecting to save a bundle. Alas. I saved a paltry 50%. Your double coupons, and free 10 bucks helped very little in my endeavor to save the most money for my family.

I could not find one item that was the best price in town, not one. I watched in amazement as people with no coupons loaded their carts up, and I kept thinking, "how do they afford that!"

The prices weren't just a little higher in some cases they were double!

I managed to find some pasta, Sunny D and some chicken that was an okay deal. I won't be back for awhile. I'll check the ad but man, nothing about those prices was good.

Sorry, I won't be seeing more of you : (

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