When passion becomes compassion

In my 30's I was passionate. Still am, but my passion for issues is morphing as I approach my 40th birthday.

Where I once had only passion for the issue, I am growing a heart of compassion for people on the other side of whatever my position is. It's like seeing people for the first time. 

I met a 16 yr. old boy today. In two brief exchanges I saw such pain in him. He was at the abortion clinic with his 14 yr. old girlfriend. While she was having her abortion, he made a point to come out where we prayed. He tried to engage and explain, but the people he chose only talked, they never listened. They didn't ask about him, or her, or help him think about what was happening. He actually threw his hands up and walked away. I was behind him at that point and I was praying Missy could get a word in edgewise. She is amazing with young people. She is a youth minister and really a fabulous woman. The people were very well meaning and didn't say anything wrong or mean. He just couldn't hear those words.

It's my greatest prayer, to get out of the way and let God give me the right words. I'm learning when I get in there, it can go sideways. Must keep me out of it if at all possible.

One other girl that broke my heart just cried and cried. She didn't want to do it. She told me she changed her mind but she drove around and came back.

My heart breaks for the babies but breaks for those women too. Passion for a cause can never burn so hot that it burns the hearts of the very people who need God's compassion in that moment. 

When did I become this woman? If this is what 40 is going to look like I don't know if I can wait another month. I want much more of this. There is peace in this! There is a freedom from anxiety and anger I have never known not for a moment. I want more of it. 

There are many more areas God is working on to mellow me, grown me in love and compassion. I am liking His handiwork :)

Peace, Robin

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