Free is bad

Ever go to a job fair, health fair, school fair, women's expo or some other such event with vendors and tables and freebies?

Everybody is giving away pens, pencils, hand fans, t-shirts, plastic bags, and samples. People gobble up the freebies like a starving man with a cracker. Then what?

For me it clutters my car, it clutters my house and ultimately it is filed in the trash can. But I started wondering about it yesterday, why do we take them? I have literally dozens of pens. I buy a pack of pens for $1. If it's free you almost feel foolish or wasteful if you don't take it.

The larger point is that things that are free really do not have value to us. No investment = no value.

Imagine if I gave you a plastic credit card and on it was written the word, "FOOD" and any food you want would be free. Fast food, groceries, any food ever. How would you spend it? Would you be careful? Would you budget? Would you consider price? Would you be wasteful? Would you over-indulge? Would it be good for you?

Entitlement programs may not allow you to eat fast food and there are limits but Food Stamps are rarely used wisely. Healthcare. Free healthcare is no different. No consideration for the cost, wasteful, over-indulge and let someone else pay for it.

We live in a country where you can eat yourself into chronic illness. We live in a country where after you've eaten yourself into a chronic disease you can get surgery for free, to fix it.

Free is bad for you. Freebies are bad for this country. If people are not invested in their own lives they will not run their lives with care and purpose.

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