Get busy living

New normal.  Susan and I say this all the time, it seems like every 6 months we are embracing some new normal. Life is really amazing that way. It really moves so quickly. It's designed that way to keep you growing, changing, and moving toward the goal of heaven.

I can't understand when people dig their heels in and refuse to allow their lives to change. I understand, it's fear. But for all the weird stuff I "fear" or faux fear, I can't understand genuine fear of growing and changing, experiencing new people, new places, new challenges, new dreams.

This world is enormous and to carve out some a few hundred feet, dig a hole and plant yourself? Why? The physical planting is directly related to the planting that happens in the spirit. Digging an emotional hole and planting yourself in it. Building walls to keep out the perceived pain that would come with the changes. Instead the pain inside the walls is far worse. But they don't know. The choose the pain of the known over the pain of the unknown.

So many people I love have planted themselves and refuse to move. Ignoring God's leading, His prompting, His discipline. Crossing their arms in defiance - hell no, I won't go.

Think about it. I won't... go. I won't... move. Living things move, they go, they change. If you aren't moving, you aren't growing. Changing houses may not be on the agenda, I'm not saying you must pack up and relocate but maybe. You can evacuate the hole your hiding your spirit in, you can clear the decks, shake off the dust, you dump and clear, and let the light in. You can step outside the walls and forge a new path.

What are you waiting for? If God is whispering to your heart, or if He is shouting in your ear, why wait? I love the line in Shawshank Redemption, "get busy living, or get busy dying." Which path are you on?

It's great over here on the journey of the living. Plenty of room. Join me?

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