Mundane... no, Monday!

Morning take two. If I need to go back to bed after Steve leaves, I do. So.

Another confession, as a homeschool mom most days we don't start our work until 9 or 10:00 am. Does that sound insane to you moms? I know most homeschool books and articles talk about moms getting up at 5 am but take my word on this - it's not always necessary. When the work doesn't take all day exactly what is the point of denying children or myself the proper amount of rest?

Mondays can be rough, mostly for me. Spending most of Sunday at Church, usually somewhere between 4-6 hrs on my feet with the teens, setting the room, singing, worship, etc I feel it in every muscle in my body the next day. I am a feelin' it today.

The calm and quiet morning will slowly begin to give way to study and work. For now and for the next few moments, it's only coffee, music that inspires my soul, a sweet little boy in a batman costume (which he will likely wear all day) an older son just hanging out doing some laundry and a teenage girl moving at a snails pace as the reality of a new week makes itself known to her once again.

The best part of homeschooling is the home. They are with me, my children, my babies, my wonderful little companions on this journey and we are in our home.

My house would be silent without them. A little quiet I can do, but silent all day, everyday. Um, no. When I think of the 10,000 things William will discover today, the heroes he creates, imagines, and draws, the ideas and plans he concocts - I wonder what it would be like to miss it? I think of the conversations, laughter, we share all day - I couldn't give it up. I don't want to miss a thing. Not one thing.

When we began to homeschool some 13 yrs. ago, I was not a patient mother. I was often frazzled. I had some confidence in my abilities but I was often troubled with doubts and worries. I prayed for God to give me patience, increase my capacity to love, to die to myself and be more like Him.

He gave me the call to homeschool. He made an inpatient, selfish, self-centered girl into the wife and mother my family deserves (most days.) The gifts to me are countless. But above all, I do not doubt myself. I don't constantly question my decisions or judgments, I don't feel like a failure at every turn. Again, I still have those moments but they are fleeting, they never hold me captive.

There are some exciting things planned in our little homeschool today and I can't wait to get started! A bit of tidying before we settle in and maybe some time to play a game oh and one more cup of coffee.

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  1. I believe I had a very productive day that day, thank you very much.


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