Halloweener or Halloweenie?

If something is an alternative, wouldn't it be different than the original choice?

Walk or ride. Sit or stand. Beef or chicken.

I revisit the Halloween alternative idea because it occurred to me - what most people call a Halloween alternative isn't an alternative at all.

It's a Halloween Party.

Call it a fall festival, call it a family fun night, call it whatever you want. It is what is and it's not, what it is not. I can understand completely abstaining from an evening of costumes and candy if you have a religious opposition. But if it's all the same stuff, on the same night, why isn't it a Halloween Party? If you have costumes, candy, a party and it's on or around the 31st of October... it's a Halloween Party. I can't figure out what about calling it an alternative to a Halloween Party is comforting? A Halloween Party is an alternative to trick or treating. (I'm thinking assistant regional manager, assistant TO the regional manager here - makes Dwight feel better)

To insist on calling it something else seems not much different to me than folks on the other end of the spectrum calling a Christmas Tree a "Holiday" Tree to be more politically correct.

Oh well, this minor revelation brings to an exciting conclusion my annual discussion over this issue - even if after all these years the discussion is reduced to the voices in my own head. Pretty much there are Halloweeners and Halloweenies - everybody knows who they are and it's all okay by me. It's a peculiarity I do not get. Don't need to get it. I'm just sayin'. If you "do" Halloween, no excuses ya just do it. You are a Halloweener if you do Halloween exactly the same but instead of your house , your friends, your family's, you do it at your church on Halloween Night you are a Halloweenie.

whew! You cannot know how glad I am to have this settled.

As I wink and nod to the holiday tree crowd so to I can wink to next year to the Halloweenies - "we are dressing up and eating candy and decorating pumpkins and lots of things are decorated in orange, and we are having a party on Halloween Night but not calling it a Halloween Party" people.

pat-pat, sure it's not a Halloween Party.

OH, and for the record we got a trick and a treat this year - some little Halloweenie STOLE William's bike.

See now those kids should've spent more time in church!

Now, let's talk turkey... or do you have an alternative like just a turkey breast?

:) All in good fun,

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    Two years ago I thought, "Why are we NOT celebrating Halloween by CELEBRATING Halloween???" So as upset as my kids were to hear that we are no longer going to go somewhere to get tons of candy that I don't want them eating anyway---too bad because we're done with "NOT" celebrating Halloween.

    I get upset because people just want to have fun and candy and not pay attention to the history and spiritual undertone of the holiday. Whether or not you do evil things on Halloween, you're still participating in an evil-based holiday and YES, many people ARE still doing evil on that night.

    People either don't know or believe in the spiritual realm and so they do things without regard for their own spiritual well-being.

    So can you tell this is something that sets me off a little?!!?!? I'm out!


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