A week of epiphanies.

So much guidance this week from my precious Lord! I learned this week that time must also be tithed. We are called in the New Testament to really discern only what we should keep. It isn't about how much to give God, it's all about what we should keep. And so it is with our time. Every second that ticks by on the clock of our lives is a gift. Each moment could be a gift to Him, if we weren't living in this broken world perhaps. Instead we discern how to parse out our time.

I learned this week, when I step out in faith and offer Him all my time and talents. He will bless me abundantly.

I woke up and fixed my gaze on how He would have me spend my day bringing Him glory, honor and praise. I knocked, He answered.

I focused on the next thing and rejected the urge to multi-task myself into a frenzy. I tried to work till completion to seek Him, serve my family, serve the Church and pursue the life of a Proverbs 31 woman.

What a blessed week it was. Not without great and trying times I'm afraid. Some of the most painful moments I have experienced in a long time. Yet, I conclude this week feeling more peaceful, content, and blessed than I have in a long time.

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