Here and gone before you know it

I truly love October - Start to finish. Who doesn't? My mom. She starts complaining the moment it drops below 80 degrees and she won't hush till April. She complains when it's hot too, but she really complains when it's cold.

I love every moment of October. I love when the leaves begin to change, fall and crackle under my feet on the bike trail. I love mid-October when every patch of trees on the interstate is a work of art - magnificent colors blended into a symphony for the eyes to behold. It makes every little errand a delight.

I love bonfires, hayrides, the smell of burning leaves, and opening the windows to air out the whole house for the chill of winter sets in. I love pulling out the sweaters and putting up the shorts.

Pumpkin everything from coffees to milkshakes - breads, and scones.


I love Halloween. I love costumes and make believe. I love making or helping make all the costumes for the family. We've been the Incredibles, we've been Toy Story, we've been the Munsters - we love it. I can't imagine how sad it would be for my children to miss out on the same memories of dressing and going house to house, "twick or tweat?"when they were little. They love it still. The older ones hand out candy - Corey scares the kids old enough to handle it by laying in the shrubs as a werewolf. Taylor loves seeing all their little costumes and telling them are SO cute!

It's the one time a year we get to meet our neighbors at the sidewalk, chatting while the kids run to the door. You see how the kids have grown and it's just plain fun.

We haven't decorated the house much in recent years because Steve has usually been gone most the month. Not next year :) We love picking pumpkins, carving, decorating, baking, making the costumes, last minute adjustments, the kids chomping at the bit to take off and waiting for the first kid to come so we know we can start. We love the excitement when they get really good treats. We commiserate with them when they get those nasty black and orange candies, or smarties and jaw breakers which no one ever eats.

We come home share stories, settle in for some comfort food, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Hot Cider and Hot Chocolate. The kids get bath towels and they each spread their take out on the floor. We inspect and then the swapping begins - oh and the pity candy the kids give me and dad.

We have done entire unit studies on the subject of Halloween. Historical perspectives, religious perspectives, and on and on. This is a piece of the American experience. I don't care if some people go to far on the left and I don't care for lame Halloween "alternatives" on the right. I am determined to claim this piece of the childhood for them.  I will not relent. We enjoy Halloween, we eat candy, we dress up. Nor will I relent on Santa Claus, birthday parties in the backyard with momma-made cakes, every family needs a pet, kids do chores, father knows best, and a girl can wear pearls every day.

I am soaking up the last few glorious days of this month. Oh October, I will miss you. Until next year...

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